The usage of game-elements motivates people to change their behavior. Gamification makes use of techniques and elements found in games and applies them in a non-game context.

For example, an app for terminally ill children that makes it fun for them to indicate when they feel pain. Or the digital simulation of a crisis-situation used by lawyers offices to harbor young talented people. Another example is Hashtag Killer, a gamified spinoff to the popular tv-show Psych, where the storyline and the characters live on in an interactive way.

Utilize people’s power, create loyalty and motivate desired behavior. Gamification fascinates and binds people through intrinsic motivation. With the usage of game-elements Wizzle improves the involvement of your staff and public. Not by turning everything into a game, but by extracting the best ideas out of games and applying them to business processes to create engagement.

Wizzle Game Works designs and builds online applications in the broadest sense of the word, our specialty is engagement design. We develop websites, apps, as well as serious games.

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Wizzle increases the engagement of your staff and public. We like to refer to the appliance of game-techniques to business-processes as engagement-design. By analyzing the human psyche we are able to find out what motivates our target groups. We create a psychological drive that enforces engagement. This can be completely automated. By calibrating the chosen gamification platform relative to your target group’s motivation and drive; not too challenging in order to prevent frustration, but at the same time not too boring, people can constantly improve upon themselves in a playful manner.

Engagement design is a combination of several disciplines. From psychology and information technology to interactive design. Wizzle is the connecting link between those factors. Wizzle advises and provides guidance. We investigate your case, and together we’ll decide what the best choices are for your specific case and how we’ll organize the software efficiently to connect to your target audience. Wizzle selects the right parties for the chosen route and guards the quality of the design up until the realization of the project, whilst providing constant reports on the overall progress.

More than 70% of high-ranking organizations worldwide have put together at least a single application of gamification. [source: research firm Gartner] The predictions for gamification are very promising.

People claim gamification is just a hype, but if you can look beyond the common implications you’ll see that the usage of game-elements in a non-game context has great potentials.

A nice example of Gamification of Gamifiaction is about a McDonalds restaurant at a trainstation in Poland.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality gives us finally a possibility to really experience things. A so called immersive experience. Wizzle makes unknown experiences come true with VR applications. In development: We are developing a VR meditation experience. Meditation? in VR? In mediation you are supposed to close your eyes, right? Yes that's true! In the end you take off the headset. This application brings you to a environment of your choice, so an environment is created that gives an optimal VR experience. Here and now.